Friday, April 24, 2015

Poetry Friday: Why Pi Really Matters

[Gosh, it's been a month since my last post at The Drift Record. How is that possible? Well, I've been blogging over at Books Around the Table. And I've been writing Undersung essays over at Numero Cinq. And we've had the floors refinished at home. And it's been my husband's birthday, and my sister's birthday, and Easter - busy family times. And we've driven down to see our daughter and her family in Eugene. And I've had a book discussion group meeting - had to finish a long book for that. And I've been trying to read all the New Yorkers that are piling up. And I've been writing a poem each day for my writing group - mostly bad poems, but at least spontaneous. And I've been to the dentist three times. And to the doctor's office once: shingle vaccine, tetanus vaccine, pneumonia vaccine. And the optician once. And the audiologist once. And I had one all-day author visit to the school where my son's girlfriend teaches. And I've been binge-watching Bloodlines and The Americans. And and and.]

There's really no excuse, is there? So here is one of my April poem-a-day results. It was inspired by an article in The New Yorker titled "Why Pi Matters." It's always fun, for a change of pace, to pair up formal elements with unbridled goofiness.

A Piece of Pi

Well, first of all, it's sweet.
Especially love those neat
little designs on the crust.
Second, you can trust
it to be good a la mode
or with whipped cream, loads
of either. Third, the hot fruit:

apple, cherry, peach. Fourth: try root
vegetables, parsnips in a chicken pot
or sweet potatoes, pumpkinish, not
potato-y. Fifth, eat a piece right now,

or 3.1459265358 pieces, though how
to decide when to stop is hard. Very
hard. Especially with wild huckleberry.

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