Friday, December 8, 2017

Poetry Friday: Roger McGough and Mrs. Moon

A visual poem.....

To complement December's beautiful supermoon, I'm offering up a poem by the multi-talented Roger McGough for today's Poetry Friday:

Mrs. Moon

Mrs. Moon
sitting up in the sky
little old lady
with a ball of fading light
and silvery needles
knitting the night.

If you're not familiar with McGough's work, I recommend you visit this webpage and take a look at his huge range of talents (and don't miss the cartoon down the page!) And thank you to sweet and talented Allyson Valentine Schrier, who gave me McGough's All the Best after we finished our semester together as advisor and student at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

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Friday, December 1, 2017

Poetry Friday - An Ode to Potatoes and Butter

This is a potato. AKA a spud.

Happy Poetry Friday, friends! Today I have an original poem to share with you. It's the product of pure fun: two friends from Vermont College of Fine Arts (Sarah Ellis and Daphne Kalmar - both brilliant, both hugely talented, both hilarious) and I have been writing poems in response to challenges each of us set. My latest challenge to them was to write a poem about potatoes (yes, our prompts and topics are a bit idiosyncratic....) since potatoes take a starring role at both my Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner tables. Mashed potatoes with turkey and gravy, scalloped potatoes with a Christmas ham. Is there any way potatoes can be fixed that does not result in something scrumptious?

These are potatoes, mashed, with gravy. AKA yummmm.

This is a ham. AKA a good excuse for a side of little spuds.

In my poem, I've added in some butter. Thank all the gods on Olympus for potatoes and butter! Here is my poem:

A Spuds and Butter Song

Butter and spuds, spuds and butter - 
thanks to the cow, thanks  to her udder,
thanks to the dirt where the spud eyes grow, 
thanks to the farmer who, row after row,
day by day, season by season, 
tends the spuds and gives us a reason 
to love the harvest as well as the feast. 
Bless us all, both man and beast, 
bless the spuds, for which I can utter: 
"❤I love you, spuds (especially with butter!)❤️"

New potatoes. AKA spudlettes?
My contributions to Poetry Friday have been sporadic lately, but I'm busy writing poetry again, so all is well. I'll contribute again before Christmas rolls around; meanwhile, put the word December in your mouth and roll it around with your tongue for awhile - brrrrrrrrr, right? And isn't it nice how the word "winter" ends with that rrrrrrrr, too? Decembrrrrrrrr! Winterrrrrrrrr!!! You can almost taste the hot mulled ciderrrrrrr. 
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