Friday, March 20, 2015

Poetry Friday: Sky-Day!

Apparently we have three big events in the sky today: a solar eclipse (not visible from the USA, but in many other places around the world) and a supermoon (but since it's a new moon, not really visible except for the shadow it casts during the eclipse) and the spring equinox, in honor of which I'm offering up this little ditty. It might serve as a kind of spell (close your eyes, say it three times, and the iambs will just pour out...?) 

It's spring! 
So bring
on the lambs 
and the iambs. 

That's it. Short and to the point. Happy Spring! 

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Friday, March 13, 2015

Poetry Friday: Ranga Tanga Ring Ting Tong!

Jon Hamm as Don Draper

In honor of the final season of Mad Men starting in just a few weeks, I went over to YouTube to find some of the great hits of the Mad-Men era. Music has played an important part in building the mood on Mad Men - click here for the impressive play list for Seasons 1-7. 

Guess what I discovered while browsing around? Today is singer-songwriter Neil Sedaka's birthday!!! Yes, he of "Stupid Cupid" (1958), "Where the Boys Are" (1960), "Happy Birthday, Sweet Sixteen" (1961) and "Breaking Up is Hard to Do" (1962), was born March 13, 1939. Happy Birthday, Mr. Sedaka!

Neil Sedaka as Neil Sedaka

Here's a video of Neil Sedaka singing "Calendar Girl" (1960.) Hang on to your hats - the video is a doozy.

What can I say? Times were strange (as Don Draper knows....)

Now, someone tell me please why I can remember all the lyrics (every word) to "Calendar Girl" (1960) when I can't even remember where I left my car keys this morning. It has something to do with areas of the brain and where musical memory is stored, but sometimes I scare myself with how many songs of the 60's I can still sing from beginning to end.

Since it's Poetry Friday, I'm going to share the lyrics for one of Sedaka's songs. A true classic.

I Go Ape

The moon is bright above
Oh, what a night for love
And as I hold you near
I whisper in your ear:

I go ape every time I see you smile
I'm a ding dong gorilla and I'll carry you cave man style
I'm gonna bump you on the head and love you all the while
Well, I'm a monkey's uncle who's a cousin to a chimpanzee
Like I was reelin' and a rockin' and a swingin' from a coconut tree
Oh, honey can't you see you bring out the monkey business in me
Ranga tanga ring ting tong, I'm related to old King Kong
Honey won't you say you're mine
With a honky tonky monkey shine
When you hold my hand I'm a pre-historic man, I go ape!
Like a barrel on monkeys on an abadaba honeymoon
I go squealin' and a screechin' and a howlin' like a big baboon
Well baby
Well, baby, I'll explode if you don't come and kiss me soon
Oh, well, honey, you know that I'm gonna be true to you
I'll keep you in bananas and bring you coconuts, too
And we'll settle down in the nearest county zoo
Ranga tanga ring ting tong
I'm related to old King Kong
Honey, won't you say you're mine?
With a honky tonky monkey shine
When you hold my hand I'm a pre-historic man.
I go ape! 

P.S. March 13th is also the anniversary of the release of Lady Madonna by the Beatles -  March 13th, 1968. Here's a link to the lyrics for that song. Songs changed a bit from 1960 to 1968, yes? Of course, so did the world.
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