Friday, February 13, 2009

Poetry Friday - From the Poetry Stretch

On Wednesday, I posted a response to Tricia's Poetry Stretch challenge for the week (a love poem with no terms of endearment and no "romantic stuff.") For Poetry Friday, I'm posting a response to a previous Poetry Stretch that I didn't get around to in time, but which stayed with me until I got it right. Here's a rhyme of the Diminishing sort, with a nod to Robert Frost for the title:


It was easy. Many recommended
me. I was praised, I was commended
for my durability, that is, I mended
fast and often. To mend
is a fine skill, all the broken men
told me.

Poetry Friday is being hosted this week over at Big A, Little A.


  1. I didn't dare try that challenge. I love how easily (!) yours flows down, diminishing and revealing itself.