Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Vermont College of Fine Arts - Summer Residency 2009

Oh, gosh, please forgive, I just can't keep up!! Tomorrow is our free morning, and I'll post news and notes from lectures then. Right now, the news is scholarships:

Alumni Award (for contributions to the school and support of her classmates): Mima Tipper
In a Nutshell Short Story Award - Linda Oatman High
Flying Pig Humor Award - Katie Bayerl
Critical Thesis Award - Daphne Kalmar

And here's a photo of all of us listening to the Picture Book Certificate students making their end-of-semester presentation (fabulous job!):

And Deb Gonzales & Zu Vincent taking notes & listening intently:

And Rachel Wilson listening intently while she knits (or maybe crochets?) :

Larissa Theule PROMISES that new baby Eero will put in another appearance on campus soon, at which point I am to be informed immediately so that I can snap some baby pictures. We'll have LOTS of photos from Good & Evil Day (Saturday) which is going to be such fun!

More tomorrow.

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