Monday, September 14, 2009

Poetry Stretch: Pre of the Fixed

Tricia over at The Miss Rumphius Effect is challenging us all to come up with a poem that uses prefixes - here's mine, with a slightly different tweak:


Mal of the proportioned,
the treated and adjusted
the odorous and icious

De of the lightful,
the tested, the sirable,
the lirious and licious,

Mis of the managed,
the spoken, the aligned,
the guided, the giving,
the taken, the erable,

Pre of the liminary,
natal and scient,
determined and destined

Pro of the lific,
the found and the active,
the tracted and verbial

Re of the booted,
the signed and the markable,
the luctent, the silient,
the drawn and the liable.

Dis of the tilled,
the favored and similar,
the puted, the jointed,
the appeared, the appointed,
the tasteful, the able -
Dis of the oriented.


  1. A reprise of your "Be" poem that
    introduced me to your immense talent, my dear. "Pre" is every bit the equal of "Be." How about doing a YA alphabet book? (Okay, that's an oxymoron.) Hat's off to you, milady.

  2. Wonderful, Julie! I especially love the de- stanza. And I love how this makes me really savor every syllable of every word, because without their prefixes, they are new and alien and de-finitely de-licious!

    And this is too funny. My word verification thingy below, I see, is



  3. Julie,

    I, too, loved your "Be" poem. This poetry stretch of yours this week is truly "de" of the licious and lightful. Well done!