Friday, December 11, 2009


In response to this new article , this poem:


The earth revolves around the sun.
Here's proof:
a telescope,
two Galilean fingers in a cup,
one tooth
(and don't forget that vertebra
in Padua.)

Diane Mayr is hosting the Poetry Friday round-up today
on her lovely blog, RANDOM NOODLING.
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  1. Kinda creepy & ironic, no? But I always enjoy your thoughtful, poetic response.

  2. This story captured my attention, too, the act of admirers taking body parts (including the fingers Galileo held his pen with) ... Sadly, my thoughts then went to a darkly comic poem, which I haven't been able to bring myself to write, about a Yankee swap gone awry (gallows, rather, gallow-leo's humor).

    I'm also intrigued by the theme of lost and found lately ... the lost Chaplin footage found in a tin thru eBay, Galileo's fingers and tooth ...

    Anyway, thanks for this poem. I always find your site inspiring. I'm not in for Poetry Friday this week, but catching some of the roundup.

  3. You know, standing in front of the one finger the museum already had in its possession, I couldn't decide if it was creepy or just plain fascinating. I'm used to this kind of idolotry of body parts being assigned to saints...the typical reliquary - but to scientists? Very odd. I've just finished a book called Cranioklepty - about people being obsessed with other people's post-mortem skulls, so I guess I have a slightly off-kilter curiosity.

    Martha and Andromeda, thanks for commenting. And Martha, lost-then-found fascinates me, too. It's like a ghost materializing....