Friday, September 10, 2010

Poetry Friday - Contradictions


Sure, sometimes I'm in a contradictory mood. My friends might say I'm often in a contradictory mood (I'd try to contradict them - no, maybe I wouldn't.) This week, the Poetry Stretcher over at  The Miss Rumphius Effect asked us to write a poem beginning "They say..." and then to contradict what it is they say. In the comments over there, someone said they'd had a bad summer, that all hell had broken loose. Which inspired me to write some light-hearted (as opposed to dark-spleened?) contradictions.

Two Contradictions

They say all Hell breaks loose. 
I'd say some nights
it draws in tight
as a hangman's noose. 

They say that Paradise 
rolls out like Heaven-come-eleven. 
I'd say some days a pair of dice
won't do, though mint tea would be nice.
Poetry Friday this week is being hosted by Anastasia Suen over at Picture Book of the Day. Head over there to see what poems are being posted.

Game of Craps, Las Vegas, ca. 1940


  1. i liked this and was bitten instantly with the following:

    you say light-hearted verse
    is contravened
    by dark-spleened
    but what i think is worse

    is how they say what doesn't kill you
    makes you stronger.
    here's what they mean:
    don't vent your spleen
    and we'll let you live longer.

    i'm going to blame the insomnia here, julie. there's a thin line between lack of sleep and lack of sense sometimes. forgive me.

  2. Hi Julie--I left this note at TMRE, too, but not sure you'll see it there:

    Julie--Thank you for that poem. You are so right. Hell is like a noose, drawing tight and clawing at my neck. Powerful, horrible image.

    Even poems about awful things can make me happy. That, along with a mug of mint tea, can definitely make a day heavenly:>)

  3. Ahhh, I love your contradictoriness. I love holding two things at once and knowing both are the truth. I love that the embrace of a contradiction makes us bigger people.



  4. Oh how I've missed having the time to check out Poetry Friday! Love your fun contradictions. tea can often right my world.

    Thank you for sharing.

  5. I love the contradiction of light-hearted and dark-spleened the most!