Thursday, February 9, 2012

Good People, One and All

Just for the record, I want to say that I have never worked with kinder, brighter, funnier, more creative people than my friends and colleagues at the Vermont College of Fine Arts. And though the stuffed bear probably perpetuates the stereotype of Kiddie-Lit people being a little goofy, I say hell, let's be goofy. Life's short. Beside,s, one of my favorite people in the world is holding the bear, so what's not to love/

Here they are, my friends and colleagues, writers and teachers, each and every wonderful one of them (click to make photo larger.)

VCFA - Writing for Children & Young Adults Faculty, Summer 2012 [Photo: Roger Crowley]


Sitting, left to right: Margaret Bechard, Leda Schubert, Martine Leavitt, Franny Billingsley, Shelley Tanaka, Susan Fletcher, Bonnie Christensen, Mary Quattlebaum, Rita Williams-Garcia, An Na.

Standing: April Lurie, Sharon Darrow, Uma Krishnaswami, me, Tom Birdseye, Alan Cumyn, Matt de la Pena, Betsy Partridge.

On leave:: Sarah Ellis, Tim Wynne-Jones, Jane Kurtz, Louise Hawes, Laura Kvasnosky,

Missing (ran into town for supplies?): Coe Booth, Mark Karlins, Amanda Jenkins.

I'm just now noticing how tall the men are that we hire on to the faculty! And the men not in the picture, Tim and Mark, are tall, too. Coincidence? I THINK NOT.

[Hmmmmm.......What could it mean?]

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