Thursday, March 22, 2012

A Poetry "Tournament"? Yes, A Poetry Tournament....

The March Poetry Madness tournament is in full swing (maybe I should say full basketball-style bounce) at Ed Caria's website. The first two rounds were great fun - we went from 64 poets in the first round to 32 poets in the second round - only 16 of us have been left standing. This time, I took a risk and entered a poem made entirely of kennings (an Old Norse literary trope where something is described via two other linked words that are hyphenated - it's an odd little riddle form I like a lot) and I'm not sure many people know what those are, though it's kind of self-explanatory. I think I'll get skunked! If I do, that will be fine - I have a worthy opponent in Mary Lee Hahn. And to tell the truth, I'm feeling almost poemed-out. Speed has never exactly been my thing, and we're having to come up with poems quickly (based on arbitrarily assigned words), send them to Ed, and then wait while people vote for their favorites. More power to those who can maintain their energy, creativity and quality!My head is spinning.

Want to see what's up? Head over to the tournament by clicking here - then vote (you don't have to be registered, you just click on "Vote.") And don't forget to follow the links to other match-ups. There are two other writers associated with Vermont College of Fine Arts who made it into the semi-finals (Stephanie Farrow, whose poem match-up is up already, and Peter Langella, whose entry will go up tomorrow.) - GO VCFA!!

P.S. I'll post all three of my poems here tomorrow for Poetry Friday!

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