Friday, June 8, 2012

Poetry Friday: Thomas's Halfmoon with a Vegetable Eye

Just offering this up to readers today, Poetry Friday, for pleasure. Imagine being able to write this, a traditional sonnet - well, the rhyme scheme is his own - but traditional iambic pentameter, and come up with breath that burns a bush, love that can be pared, stars with husks, a halfmoon with a vegetable eye. A wonderful combination of traditional form and modern language. We can do this, you know - bend the form, make it our own.

I'm typing this up from Cannon Beach, Oregon, where the wind is blowing and rain lashing - a "discordant" June beach, if there ever was one.


When all my five and country senses see,
The fingers will forget green thumbs and mark
How, through the halfmoon’s vegetable eye,
Husk of young stars and handful zodiac,
Love in the frost is pared and wintered by.
The whispering ears will watch love drummed away
Down breeze and shell to a discordant beach,
And, lashed to syllables, the lynx tongue cry
That her fond wounds are mended bitterly.
My nostrils see her breath burn like a bush.
My one and noble heart has witnesses
In all love’s countries, that will grope awake;
And when blind sleep drops on the spying senses,
The heart is sensual, though five eyes break. 
                                              —Dylan Thomas
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  1. Oh, wow. That's some sonnet! Love the halfmoon's vegetable eye, too. :)

    Hope your discordant beach calms down over the weekend --

  2. What a perfect accompaniment to your rainswept beach, and a wonderful lesson in stretching form. I'm all for not being lashed to syllables!

  3. Dylan Thomas seems to have access to more WORDS than most people! This is lovely.

  4. I love what you said about bending the form and making it one's own. Sounds like Dylan Thomas indeed. :)