Friday, April 12, 2013

James Merrill

James Merrill....

I have nothing to say about this poem except *sigh.*I wish I could write like this.

Cloud Country

by James Merrill

How like a marriage is the season of clouds.
The winds at night are festive and constellations
Like stars in a kaleidoscope dissolve
And meet in astounding images of order.
How like a wedding and how like travelers
Through alchemies of a healing atmosphere
We whirl with hounds on leashes and lean birds.
As though the air, being magician, pulled
Birds from a sleeve of cloud, birds drop
To warm grass dented by a smile asleep.
Long odysseys of sunlight at this hour
Salute the gaze that of all weariness
Remains unwearied, and the air turns young
Like reddening light in a corridor of pines.
The landscape where we lie is creased with light
As a painting one might have folded and put away
And never wished to study until now.
How like a marriage, how like voyagers
We come upon this season of right clouds,
Valors of altitude, white harbors, hills
Supple and green, these actions of the sun.

[First published in The Kenyon Review, Summer 1947, Vol. IX, No. 3 ]

...and James Merrill

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  1. Great poem! I only wish there were "Long odysseys of sunlight" here today. It is cold and grey, and colder now than it was earlier in the morning.

  2. *sigh* indeed! Thanks for sharing. =)

  3. This took my breath away....each line more lovely and evocative than the next.

  4. Merrill writes like a painter with all his brushes in play at once. The blank verse is exquisite, and each line holds its place. "Valors of altitude" indeed! Thanks for sharing.

  5. What a young photo of Merrill.

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