Friday, April 18, 2014

Heads-Up: Progressive Poem, Proust and Poetry

A few quick heads-up: I'll be contributing the 19th line (of 30) to the 2014 Kidlitosphere Progressive Poem tomorrow, right here at The Drift Record. Today you can drop by Irene Latham's blog,  Live Your Poem  to see how it's raveling (as opposed to unraveling) so far, but don't forget to come back tomorrow to the Drift Record (and to a different blog every day in April - there will be links provided) to watch how the poem rolls forward. I see from Irene's contribution today that she's left me awash in mystery. It could become a riddle...but how will everyone solve it? Do we even want to solve it? Irene's right....mystery is a nice place for a traveler (even a jellyfish traveler) to float for awhile

If you want to read my post about All Things Proust, head over to the blog I share with my critique group, Books Around the Table. Nothing like a little Proust (or maybe I mean a lot) to make you do one of the following: 1) fall sleep (literally), 2) pull out your hair and curse (usually metaphorically), or 3) ramble once again out into the world, alert to life's charms (that's basically how I'm feeling.) Thanks, Marcel.

And if you want to see some recently published poems of mine, check out the online literary journal, Numero Cinq (stick around afterwards and explore some of the other writing there - it's fascinating.)

Robyn Hood Black is hosting the Poetry Friday round-up today. Head over there to see what other people have posted.


  1. Enjoyed your poems at Numero Cinq, Julie. Find myself relating to "I'm Telling That Story Again." After a certain age it seems the ending is too true.

  2. Enjoyed all your offerings today, Julie - and kept chuckling through the Proust ponderings.

    Thanks for sharing all!

    (By the way, my Captcha words are
    "existssh are" - not sure how that relates exactly, but I thought it was interesting!) ;0)