Friday, August 29, 2014

Poetry Friday: Using All Six Senses in Oaxaca

It's my turn to post over at Books Around the Table, the blog I co-write with my critique group (Laura Kvasnosky, Julie Paschkis, Margaret Chodos-Irvine, and Bonny Becker) so I'm sharing some thoughts about my upcoming trip to Oaxaca and about using all the senses to write. You can use this link to head there and read the whole post. Here on the Drift Record, I'll just show you some of the photos, and in honor of Poetry Friday I'll toss in a small poem of mine that Jama Rattigan once shared with readers over Alphabet Soup. It was written about the market in a town called Tepoztlan. Oaxacan markets have a charm all their own. Don't miss the link at the bottom to a very special church organ in the little village of Tlacochahuaya.


Black avocados, yellow mangos,
bowls of menudo to start the day.
Tall, cold glass of fresh horchata,
green papayas, pink mamey,
pork pozole, pumpkin seeds,
chiltepines, round and red,
coconut juice and golden guavas,
then the different names for bread:
little shell and little piglet,
little ear and little horn,
now a cup of spiced hot chocolate,
sweet tamal with cream and corn,
lime paletas, piloncillo,
guava jelly, caramel flan,
herbal tisanes, magic powders:
Market Day in Tepoztlan.

 To hear the wonderful antique organ of the Templo in Tlacochahuaya, click here.


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  1. I do remember this poem, Julie. So rich and flavorful! Loved seeing and hearing the organ as well. I played the organ for several years as a child... couldn't do it now though, I'm afraid.

  2. What a delicious poem, Julie! Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Love that poem. So nice reading it again, especially with all the great photos!

  4. Mmm, a feast in your poem! Enjoy your trip to Oaxaca! Your senses will be delighted. = )

  5. Loved the poem and the pictures are a perfect fit!

  6. Thanks for this junket to a Mexican market. This poem is fun to read aloud. Would love to hear it read with correct Mexican pronunciation (which I don't have).

  7. We just had shrimp tostada yesterday in one of our favourite Mexican restaurants here in Singapore - nothing of this magnitude though. Great poem. I know a bit of Spanish - Domingo means Sunday, right? :) Love the photographs too.

  8. Found the poem to be far more colorful than the pictures :) - thanks for sharing!

  9. Gorgeous photos! Love the rhyme and alliteration in the poem -- delicious words!

  10. Glad to see everyone has enjoyed this. Yes, Myra, "Domingo" means Sunday. (And you must have your own exciting markets in Singapore, yes?)

  11. The colors! The gorgeousness! The hunger you've inspired!