Friday, March 20, 2015

Poetry Friday: Sky-Day!

Apparently we have three big events in the sky today: a solar eclipse (not visible from the USA, but in many other places around the world) and a supermoon (but since it's a new moon, not really visible except for the shadow it casts during the eclipse) and the spring equinox, in honor of which I'm offering up this little ditty. It might serve as a kind of spell (close your eyes, say it three times, and the iambs will just pour out...?) 

It's spring! 
So bring
on the lambs 
and the iambs. 

That's it. Short and to the point. Happy Spring! 

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  1. Was able to capture the pink supermoon several days back. Quite lovely! :)

  2. Happy Spring to you, too, Catherine and Mary Lee.

    Myra, I am so envious that you saw the supermoon. And pink! That must have been wonderful.