Friday, May 8, 2015

Poetry Friday: Scissors!

Happy Poetry Friday! Today I'm going to post the poem that I sent in to Michelle at Today's Little Ditty in response to Nikki Grimes's DMC challenge to write a poem by choosing an object/word and playing with it   - "What it looks like, sounds like, feels like.  What it does, how it's used, etc." Michelle posted my poem a few days ago - you can find it on her blog  via this link. Be sure to check out other people's responses to the challenge - Renee LaTulippe wrote a knock-out poem about a lemon!


Scissors is a sharp word,
a thin word, a steel word,
an I-can-hear-it-click word,
a catching-the-light word,
a see-it-flash word, a fast word,
cutting here, clipping there,
a round-metal-eyes word,
a long-pointed-nose word.
It sews as it goes,
and it sings its own name:
Scisssssssssors --snip!
Scisssssssssors --snap!

I also posted today over at Books Around the Table - a few thoughts about the joys and terrors of motherhood. You can read that post by clicking here

Michelle at Today's Little Ditty is hosting the Poetry Friday roundup today - head over there to see what other people have posted.


  1. You set the bar high with this challenge, Julie! Did you see Heidi's post today? Another knock-out poem. The quality of work for this challenge has been astounding.

  2. I think the quality of responses mirrors the quality of the challenge - thanks to Nikki Grimes for sending out a call that intrigued us! Haven't seen Heidi's poem yet - I'll go take a look.

  3. and it sings its own name:
    Scisssssssssors --snip!

    These lines sing!

    (Just an aside--the "Please prove you're not a robot" has me picking out pizzas! What's up with that?)

  4. Picking out pizzas?.. Whoa, I have no idea. And, of course, it assumes robots don't like pizzas.

  5. I think the reason Nikki's challenge is getting such fabulous responses (like yours--snip, snap) is that it is broad and open.