Friday, April 22, 2016

Poetry Friday: Some Thoughts about a Duck

I've been writing a series of poems called "Confessions" - each one in the voice of a different bird.  Yes, bird confessions, and some of them get pretty racy. But here's one to share for Poetry Friday:

Mallard Duck

Call me a dabbler, not a diver.
What's just under the surface
isn't much. Still, it feeds me.
Make what you will of that:
I need the water
more than the water needs me.

You can also read some of my small thoughts about big things ("On Art, Pleasure, and Beauty, No Less"), inspired by a recent trip to Europe, over at today's Books Around the Table 
The Poetry Friday round-up today is being hosted by the marvelous Jama Kim Rattigan at her blog, Alphabet Soup.  Head over there to see what other people have posted. 


  1. Racy bird confessions, oh my! Love your sweet poem. It's such fun to see ducks dabbling with their tufty bottoms in the air. :) Quack!

  2. One of my favorite poems is about ducks--"Ducks' Ditty" by Kenneth Grahame. I'm glad you're taking on our little feathered friends, I can't wait to read more.

  3. Hmm...maybe I, too, am a "dabbler, not a diver." But only sometimes. It's fun to be able to do both!

    Can't wait to read more bird poems!

  4. A curious ending. Prosaic little mallard duck. But I wonder how murky the water would be without it.

  5. Julie, I like your poem. It has rhythm and spunk. I look forward to you hosting Poetry Friday.