Friday, September 29, 2017

Poetry Friday: Far Away on Grandparents Day

This little poem of mine is from The Poetry Friday Anthology of Celebrations edited by Janet Wong and Sylvia Vardell. What a treat to have it posted now on Sound Cloud (along with many other poems from the anthology) and to hear it read so beautifully in both English and Spanish! I won't copy the text here; instead, just have a listen - click the title below to hear it. It goes out with lots of love to Jackson. ❤

 Jackson with His Bebo on the Zoo Train - 2009

 Jackson and His Gram -  2011... 

Jackson in Hawaii - 2012...

Jackson on Whidbey Island - 2014

Jackson's First Day of Fifth Grade 2017

The Poetry Friday round-up is being hosted today by Laura Purdie Salas. Head over to her blog, Writing the World for Kids, to see what other people have posted. 


  1. Jackson looks well-loved! Thanks for sharing your poem, Julie. The reader has a terrific voice.

  2. What a simple, eloquent poem, Julie--and its read spectacularly. Love the photos of your grandson:>)

  3. What a beautiful poem. I loved hearing it in English and Spanish (even though my Spanish is quite limited, I picked out a few words!).