Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Residency - The Report from VCFA


- Shelley Tanaka's charming, self-deprecating, intelligent lecture about the ups and downs of writing non-fiction.

- Laughter with the Picture Book workshop members.

- Randall Brown's study of kennings - and his humor.

- Tobin Anderson and Tim Wynne-Jones raising over $9000 in scholarship money at the auction.

- Tami Brown outbidding Michael Stearnes for the Maurice Sendak lithograph (thank you for the donation, Lynda) and then presenting it to dog-lover extraordinaire, Leda Schubert, one of my favorite people on the planet.

- Gary Moore (the new dean) - I love the way he listens, thinks, speaks. And his centered gracefulness is wonderful to watch.

- Tom Greene (VCFA's president) - is it just me, or do other people think Tom looks like he's about seven years old and straight out of a Mark Twain novel?

- Seeing all my old students during the Alumni Weekend. Seeing people's families at graduation - suddenly, everyone is in context - which is sobering and pleasing, both at once.

- Meeting new and returning faculty Alan Cumyn and Louise Hawes. Fine minds, sharp wit. Lovely late nights with all the faculty in the Faculty Lounge.

- Finally highlight: a chilly fog one morning. Hooray for cool temperatures.

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