Wednesday, July 2, 2008


The Drift Record is my way of letting you know what projects I'm working on, what books have recently been released, where I'll be traveling, and what I've been thinking about when it comes to children's books. It's also a way to let you post comments in response, and to contribute to the conversation in general about good kids books. So, welcome!!

The term "drift record" came to me sideways via the wonderful work of Walter Benjamin about the flaneur in the city, specifically, the wanderer in Paris. After reading Benjamin's Arcades Project, I found the term "drift," used by the Situationists to describe an attentive form of wandering, playing with the idea of landscape and objects and our interaction with them. For this blog, it means a regular record of meanderings and observations. I'll link to other sites I find exciting, too.

The world of children's books is filled with wonderful people - writers, editors, teachers, librarians, parents, kids. I hope you enjoy my "drifting about" among them.

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