Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Duo of Triolets

In honor of Poetry Friday, I'd like to offer up an ars poetica of my own, in the form of two triolets:


How does a poet look?

The answer’s with his eyes

or like a robber stealing souls. Just look

at how the poet looks

at life, as if he were a two-bit crook,

casing the joint, cold as ice.

How does a poet look?

The answer’s always in the eyes.

How does a poet smell?

The answer’s either like a rose

or well (which is adverbial,

as in How does a poet smell?

He smells well with his nose.) Smells well

when, on the surface, nothing shows.

As in A poet sometimes smells

a question, when the answer is a rose.


  1. Wow!
    I always wonder what it would be to think like a poet.... ;)

  2. This is amazing. Funny and illustrative and smart! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love it. The poet as a two-bit crook, smelling questions.

    So glad you joined PF!