Friday, December 26, 2008

Poetry Friday: Rounding Out the Year

I sometimes think it would be good (as in, good form) to be serious at year's end. But I find myself drawn to the unserious this time of year. Here, to round out 2008, is a quotation about poetry from the always quotable Calvin Trillin: “When it came to poetry, my father was not an absolutist. Pie was his favorite subject for a couplet, but every three or four weeks he would write about something else….” I am hoping to do a pie poem or two in the near future. Meanwhile, I offer up this poem, which sends a nod to Trillin, as my own way to close out the year:


Jan: Champagne. Hope. Sleet. Rain.
Feb: Sleet. Rain. Hearts. Hope again.
March: New babies. Chicks. Piggies. Lambs.
April: Easter dinner—lamb, chicken, hams.
May: Merry --as in may I / may I not?
June: Marry -- bride in white, groom hot.
July: Lonely Planet. Cameras. Shorts in
Aug: Beach. In the bookbag, Trillin and Sedaris.
Sept: 9/11 and its everlasting postseason.
Oct: Dressing up for candy & dandier reasons.
Turkey dressing. Obama won, thank God.
Dec: Virgin Birth. Wise men in the
Middle East? Jihad.

Poetry Friday today is being hosted by Tricia over at The Miss Rumphius Effect.


  1. Ooh - clever premise. And yay! "Obama won, thank God."

  2. Hi, there, I was clicking the next botton and came to your blog.

    It is very nice to see and read.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year from Singapore.

  3. How lovely that God and Jihad rhyme in English. It's always fun when the opposites balance out like that. Hot and not.

    And shorts in Paris? Never!