Friday, April 10, 2009

Poetry - Some Thanks Plus a Poem

Tricia mentioned this poem of mine at The Miss Rumphius Effect today so I thought I'd share it here, too.

Like Bees Over Clover

Poems hum, they come
at you like bees over clover,
and Honey, they can even sting.
Poems ring like bells, they can sing
Hallelujah or Hush-a-Bye or The Blues.
Like a silver flute, they want to flutter;
like a strong heart, they want to beat.
Ticktock. Poems rock.

Tricia is doing such a wonderful job at her blog during National Poetry Month. She is not only posting full interviews of 36 (!) different poets, but she's adding in a thoughtful response of her own to each poet's work, sharing individual poems by each poet and adding images of our books. On April 5th, she posted an interview with the wonderful J. Patrick Lewis. Yesterday, it was Jane Yolen. Today she has my interview up. In addition, she posted a second interview today with Linda Ashman.

Thanks also to Jules and Eisha at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast who posted a new poem of mine and a painting by the divine Julie Paschkis. You can check them out here along with poems by Kelly Fineman, Douglas Florian, Sara Lewis Holmes and Elaine Magliaro. And I should say thank you in advance to Gregory K. at GottaBook who is posting 30 Poems/30 Days for the month of April - Gregory gathered up a wonderful group of poets, and I'm proud he's going to be including me in the bunch later this month.

I hope you'll scroll down to my post from Monday 4/6, because I would really like people to go to the article mentioned and read it - and then memorize some poems!!

Poetry Friday is being hosted this week over at Carol's Corner. Thanks, Carol!


  1. So true about poems - I think you have their songs well covered! It's been a great poetry month so far, hasn't it? Thanks for sharing your work so generously.

  2. Love this poem and they are like bees!! I am so enjoying what everyone is doing for National Poetry Month.

  3. I absolutely adore your poem, as well as the NYT article, which I saw earlier in the week. I had all good intentions of starting on a "strategic" poetry memorization project that very day, but - sad to say - did not.
    I will start *today* with your marvelous poem, "Like Bees Over Clover."

  4. I really like your poem and agree that you have captured the heart of poetry being so much like bees.

    What a wealth of riches we have this poetry month.

  5. Thanks, everyone for your nice comments about the poem. Susan, I just want to say "Wow!" about the logo you have for your blog - that fountain pen is just beautiful!