Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Bierut's Notebooks

If you love notebooks in general, and love notebooks filled with observations and sketches (not confessions and angst) in particular, go read Michael Bierut's archived post titled "26 Years, 85 Notebooks" over at DESIGN OBSERVER: WRITINGS ON DESIGN AND CULTURE. "No fancy Moleskines for me," says Mr. Bierut. For the first few years, he re-designed the covers, but now he just numbers them. A photo of 72 of them is posted above. Hurrah for the lowly but practical, affordable, hard-working marble-covered composition book. Here's another photo of the notebooks. Aren't they beautiful?

is one of my favorite websites. I never fail to fall hard & deep when I visit (and when something pulls me back to the real world, hours have passed....) And these people love Princeton Architectural Press books the way I do. When you have an hour (or two or three) check the PAP catalogue. It is full of strange and wonderful books, especially the titles about design and popular culture (I'm saving pennies -lots of them - for Katherine Harmon's new book, THE MAP AS ART. )

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