Friday, June 12, 2009

Poetry Friday: Happy Birthday, Mr. Sendak!

Today, I just want to say Happy Birthday to the most wonderful Maurice Sendak, who turned 81 on Wednesday, the 10th. He's a national treasure. Many happy returns of the day, Mr. Sendak!

Here is a little ditty (how I love ditties, the littler the better) from Chicken Soup with Rice, in honor of the coming of summer:

In June I saw a charming group
Of roses all begin to droop.
I pepped them up with chicken soup.
Sprinkle once, sprinkle twice,
Sprinkle chicken soup with rice.

You'll find the Poetry Round-up this week over at Critique de Mr. Chompchomp (I can't believe I just typed that name. Chompchomp -that's a wild thing of its own, isn't it?)


  1. I love love Chicken Soup with Rice!

  2. Boy do I love Chicken Soup With Rice - the poem and the food!

  3. Julie,

    I love CHICKEN SOUP WITH RICE! The book...of course. I could recite the entire text from memory when I was teaching elementary school.

  4. Hooray for ditties! Maybe my plants wouldn't all die if I nursed them with chicken soup.