Friday, May 7, 2010

Poetry Friday: The Pecan. The Toucan.

People have asked for a little more from Robert Williams Woods' How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers, (shared last week) so here is one more of his tree/bird pairings:

The Pecan. The Toucan.

Very few can
Tell the Toucan
From the Pecan --
Here's a new plan:
To take the Toucan from the tree,
Requires im-mense agil-i-tee,
While any one can pick with ease
The Pecans from the Pecan trees:
It's such an easy thing to do,
That even the Toucan he can too.

What fun! Woods needed some instruction in punctuation rules, but why quibble? I'll post one more poem from the book next week, and that will be that for Trees and Birds. 
Ich sage: Das toucan ist nicht eine Pekannuss! (close enough) 

The Poetry Friday Round-up this week is being hosted by Diane, the wonderful random noodler over at Random Noodling. Go noodle around for awhile, see what other poems are being posted.


  1. I am definitely finding and buying this book. Thank you, Julie!

  2. This is totally fun. I am afraid I don't have the agil-i-tee.

  3. Oh, thanks for another Woods poem! I'm so glad you "discovered" him. :)

  4. Absolutely delightful! It makes me hungry for pecan pie though.

    Laura Evans
    all things poetry

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