Friday, June 25, 2010

Poetry Friday: A Visit to the Zoo!

My daughter and her family are coming for a week's vacation - and that means Jackson and I will be going to the zoo! Oh, can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!!!! 

Jackson in March, Planting Seeds with His Mom

 A Visit with the Elephant, Woodland Park Zoo


There are lions and roaring tigers,
and enormous camels and things,
There are biffalo-buffalo-bisons,
and a great big bear with wings.
There's a sort of a tiny potamus,
and a tiny nosserus too -
But I gave buns to the elephant
when I went down to the Zoo!

There are badgers and bidgers and bodgers,
and a Super-in-tendent's House,
There are masses of goats, and a Polar,
and different kinds of mouse,
And I think there's a sort of a something
which is called a wallaboo -
But I gave buns to the elephant
when I went down to the Zoo!

If you try to talk to the bison,
he never quite understands;
You can't shake hands with a mingo -
he doesn't like shaking hands.
And lions and roaring tigers
hate saying, "How do you do?" -
But I give buns to the elephant
when I go down to the Zoo! 

Birds in the Aviary at the Zoo

 Mary and Jason on their wedding day...2004
Oh, I love that girl to pieces. Heart of gold, and so smart and sweet....

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  1. Love your playful poem, Julie! Have a wonderful week with your daughter, son-in-law and grandson, and the potami and nosseri and wallaboos, too!

  2. Julie, I love this poem. Thanks for sharing. I didn't read Milne's work as a child, but my child's heart loves it now. I posted a Pooh poem this week for the very same reason. I'm headed to Texas to spend a week with my four grandchildren there. Sooo excited, too! Enjoy your visit.