Friday, June 18, 2010

Poetry Friday: Kay Ryan

I'm just in a Kay Ryan mood. Which is kind of a Valerie Worth mood, with a little more edge:

Sharks' Teeth  

Everything contains some
silence. Noise gets
its zest from the
small shark's-tooth-
shaped fragments
of rest angled
in it. An hour
of city holds maybe
a minute of these
remnants of a time
when silence reigned,
compact and dangerous
as a shark. Sometimes
a bit of a tail
or fin can still
be sensed in parks.
               -Kay Ryan
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  1. I love Kay Ryan! This one is new to me. I read her poems over and over again, looking and listening for rhyme and I'll look (but mostly listen) for those shark's teeth of silence that remain in my city hours...

  2. How very funny! I also posted all about Kay Ryan yesterday, and I was thinking exactly what you said--Valerie Worth with an edge. For me (how embarrassing) it's a discovery.