Thursday, July 8, 2010

M.T. Anderson - Genius Writer, Lunatic and Possible Missing Person

Of course, M. T. Anderson is not a lunatic, but I do like using that word in association with him - it reminds me of Max howling at the moon (luna-tic) in Where the Wild Things Are. Anderson, too, creates a wild rumpus on occasion; it wouldn't surprise me to find out that as a kid he had been sent to his room without his supper, just like Max. Whatever it is that makes him tic (luna-style), I'm grateful for it. In kids books, the more subversives, the merrier.

Below I'm linking to the short film (or extended trailer?) he and friends made about his new book, The Suburb Beyond the Stars (Book 2 of the Norumbegan Quartet - the first was The Game of Sunken Places.)

No need to explain the movie, I think - explanations + lunacy = oil + vinegar. Or is the expression "oil and water"? Yes, that must be it.  In any case, click on the link below, sit back, hang on to your hat.

The Suburb Beyond the Starts: A Movie in Which Author M.T. Anderson Discusses Vermont and Writing, Before Things Go Terribly Wrong.


  1. Indeed, this could have only from the luna-tic mind of M.T. Anderson -- wherever he might be!

  2. Thanks for this post, Julie -- I reference it in a post on my blog: