Friday, February 27, 2015

Poetry Friday: Poems on the Buses

Home in 1952...with my sister (on left) and brother (behind me.)

Seattle Metro has a Poetry on the Buses program, bringing short poems to all their riders and trip planners/website readers. The theme this year is "Home," and here is a poem of mine (with slight revisions) that appeared Wednesday on their site. 


A yard gnome in December snow.
Against the fence, an August rose.
A screen door banging open, shut.
A summer purr, a winter mutt.
A mailbox waiting all year long.
A postcard whistle, letter song.

Click here to see the version of the poem which was posted on Seattle Metro's Poetry on the Buses website. And here's wishing you a beautiful spring -- March is just two days away!!
Poetry Friday's round-up is being hosted today by Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe. Head over there to see what other people have posted (and to see Heidi's CHallenge for the month of MarCH!)


  1. I've loved it when buses have poetry. Congratulations on being part of that! Your homey poem is sweet. I especially love the image of the screen door banging and also "a summer purr, a winter mutt."

  2. Love your poem, Julie! Wish we had a similar program here. Great family photo too. :)

  3. I wonder how many folks have read your poem? Great program.
    "A postcard whistle, letter song" - swoon.

  4. "A mailbox waiting all year long.
    A postcard whistle, letter song."
    These last two lines spoke volumes to me, dear Julie. There is something vintage-y now about receiving snail mail - postcards, handwritten letters. Brings back a lot of heartfelt memories.

  5. Congratulations, Julie--public poetry is my faaaaaavorite, just little snippets to remind people that language is not only for advertising! I'm impressed that you got a whole year of home into 6 lines.

  6. "summer purr, winter mutt" - love this! Interesting the changes made for the project. Would love to hear more about the reasoning behind that! Congratulations on your poem being included... ever since the NY subway poems, I have wanted to bring this to Birmingham!

  7. What an honor! Did they change the text with permission (I hope)? Is #64 your bus route number?