Friday, February 6, 2015

Poetry Friday: A Tidbit

Joanie Mackowski

Here is a Poetry Friday tidbit (definition: delicacy, dainty, snack, nibble, goody) which seems perfect for February, the tidbit-ish month, right? It's from a poem titled "Birdsong," by Joanie Mackowski.

...And stars
grow feet and walk across the years, into these dozing,
ordinary days, climbing the spine’s winding

stair, where crickets yawn and history spins.

Click here for the rest of the poem. And definitely read more of Mackowski's work - she has so much fun with language (fun, yes, but hard work, that) and some of the fun is bound to rub off on you as you read. In addition, it's fascinating to trace the technical control of sound that Mackowski exhibits as you weave your way through her work.

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