Friday, February 13, 2015

Poetry Friday: Valentines and the Lovelorn

Happy Valentine's Day Tomorrow!

In honor of it being Friday the 13th directly before Valentine's Day, 
I offer up Todd Boss's "A Waltz for the Lovelorn" for Poetry Friday.

The Selfie, 50's-style.

A Waltz for the Lovelorn

Like foot-worn wooden floors
that ache in common places, 
the hearts of the lovelorn groan 

as, through their paces, again
and again their roomers pass. 
Isn't there a music --- strings ---

in the way an old floor sings? 
And oh, but to leave our porches
and step into the grass! to bear 

on our shoulders no more
than moonlight, and to settle, 
suspended awhile!---to smile

at the weightlessness of things---
as children do, 
                  on swings.

Poetry Friday is hosted this week by Cathy Mere at Merely Day By Day. Head over there to see what other people have posted.


  1. "that ache in common places" packs a punch for me. I like this one. Thanks for sharing it today!

  2. Perhaps there's hope for the lovelorn?

    "To smile at the weightlessness of things"


    I'm not familiar with Todd Boss's work, but I'm off to check it out. I found the placement of breaks between lines and stanzas fascinating.


  3. I like how that poem goes from tired, squeaky floors to children on swings. Lifts my heart!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to yet another poet -- I sure hope there is indeed hope for the lovelorn . . . Happy V's Day to you!

  5. oh, the weightlessness of things! Thank you for sharing, Julie!

  6. What I like in this poem is that it's not sure it really wants to step off the porch and leave the music --- strings ---
    in the way an old floor sings?

    And don't you find yourself hearing the heavy groan and ache of the chains--as children do, on swings?

  7. May every groaning lovelorn heart find a way to sing and swing!

  8. Stepping into the grass and moonlight, suspending all cares... love this, Julie. (I shared a joint celebration of Friday the 13th and Valentine's Day this week too, but with a rather different outcome.)

  9. This is a wonderful poem, celebrating a love that lasts and lasts.